Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Castle Thief

"Run Annie, run! The castle is under attack!"
"Who's that? Who's there?" It was Bill, her Dad's best kight and most trusted guard.
"Bill, you're here!"
"Yes." said Bill, "We have to move fast, Annie, the castle is falling to the enemy, let's get out!"
''Wait! My father...'' Annie started.
''He is fighting now, but he wants me to get you to safety! Let's go!"
"Ok." Annie agreed.
So they went to Bill's city and then to his house. All the people there loved Annie.
"We'll leave in the morning.'' Bill said to her one day.
"Leave where?" asked Annie.
''I don't know but the army will track us down here. We need to find another army to fight back."
The next morning they set off to find an army that was friends of their kingdom. They went to so many places and finally found one in Noman's Land. At first the army would not agree to do it until Annie said, ''I guess my father's castle will just fall down then."
''Wait," the commander said,"You're the princess?"
"Yup! And if you fight for us, my father will give you a big reward!" Annie smiled.
"Then we will fight!"
"Thank you."
They joined forces with the king's smaller army and fought the criminals who had stolen the castle.
They won of course!