Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Castle Thief

"Run Annie, run! The castle is under attack!"
"Who's that? Who's there?" It was Bill, her Dad's best kight and most trusted guard.
"Bill, you're here!"
"Yes." said Bill, "We have to move fast, Annie, the castle is falling to the enemy, let's get out!"
''Wait! My father...'' Annie started.
''He is fighting now, but he wants me to get you to safety! Let's go!"
"Ok." Annie agreed.
So they went to Bill's city and then to his house. All the people there loved Annie.
"We'll leave in the morning.'' Bill said to her one day.
"Leave where?" asked Annie.
''I don't know but the army will track us down here. We need to find another army to fight back."
The next morning they set off to find an army that was friends of their kingdom. They went to so many places and finally found one in Noman's Land. At first the army would not agree to do it until Annie said, ''I guess my father's castle will just fall down then."
''Wait," the commander said,"You're the princess?"
"Yup! And if you fight for us, my father will give you a big reward!" Annie smiled.
"Then we will fight!"
"Thank you."
They joined forces with the king's smaller army and fought the criminals who had stolen the castle.
They won of course!

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Good Birthday

Once there was a little boy. It was his birthday and he was turning five. His family went to the zoo for his birthday.
But everything that could go wrong, went wrong! The tiger scraped him, the hippo splashed him, the zebra kicked him and the snake bit him!
They went home and his mom and sister baked him a big cake and blew up balloons. He loved it. His dad was away and he was not coming home for a week, but he came home RIGHT THEN!
His dad laughed and said, "I came home for your birthday!"
"This is e best birthday ever!" The little boy hugged his dad.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Garbage Boy

One day there was a little boy named Jack.
Everybody thought that he was a nerd, just because his dad was a garbage man and they thought that Jack's dad was no good to them. Jack thought that his dad was really special.
Jack went to see his dad every day after school and helped his dad do the garbage.
Ond day, some boys from Jack's classroom came to the dump and they told Jack's dad that he was a loser and that day, the dad felt like quitting but nobody that worked at the dump wanted him to leave. He was the best worker.
Right before the dad was going to quit, the boy said, "Dad, I think you have the coolest job in the world. You can't quit! When I grow up, I want to have the same job as you! The reason I love your job is because I find cool stuff and you fix it! You can't quit!"
All the other boys said sorry. Then the boys helped Jack's dad too!
The boys said, "Your dad does have the coolest job in the world."
Then the boys begged their dads to have the garbage job. So, their dads got a garbage job too.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Bird Wars

Once there was a hawk and lots of other birds: Ducks, ducklings, crows and more. The hawk was trying to get the other birds. The hawk called the other hawks. The other birds heard the hawks and started to fly. The hawks flew after them. The moms and dads tried to protect their babies and they soon were in war.
All of the sudden, a lot of eagles flew in and the hawks started to fight the eagles instead, and the eagles fought and fought until the eagles won and there 2 hawks left and they flew away.
All the birds said, "Thank you!"
Then the eagles flew away.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Farmer's Love

Once there was a farmer. That farmer loved his animals, but one day the farmer had a little surprise. A FARM THIEF. The thief stole one of each animal, and the farmer's best ones too. So the farmer went searching for his animals.
He searched his whole town. He found his chicken and his goat, but still no dog. The dog really got dog-napped. The dog usually came to the sound of his whistle, so the farmer whistled. The farmer looked behind his house and all his family was there - and his dog was too! When he heard the whistle, he had escaped from the dog-nappers!!
The farmer ran to the dog and the dog ran to the farmer.
"Yes!! I found you, YES!!"
The End

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Praying for Houses

Yesterday we prayed for 35 houses and we walked! It was soooo fun! We are going to pray for the houses and go on the walk every month for a year! It's going to be sooooo fun! We pray for town houses and lots of other houses. I can't wait to do our next time we go on a walk.
Guess what?
There was a trap in front of a guy's house. The guy said it is for skunks! There is a family of skunks living under his porch!!!
We had a really good time praying for houses. I even prayed for 2 of my friends.

Monday, August 9, 2010

our vacation

On our way back from our vacation my mom had to have a playdate with here friend. There
was lots of hay. And we found a snake. We got to hold it. I loved it we had the perfect trip.